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When your web host has a problem, Siteavail is there to help.

Our service backs up your entire website, including styles, content, multimedia, and other components.

What Sets Siteavail Apart?

Unlike other backup providers, Siteavail not only backs up your website, it puts the backup copy of your website online, on independent hosting infrastructure.

This gives two major benefits:

1. Peace of Mind: You can view your backup at any time to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.

2. Uninterrupted Service: In the event of an outage at your primary web host, Siteavail can serve the backup copy of your website, keeping your website online.

With Siteavail your website will remain accessible, no matter what challenges your primary host may face.

How it Works - Step by Step

1. Your website is crawled and indexed to create regular periodic backups.

2. We give your website a dedicated backup IP address, where the latest healthy backup is kept online at all times. 

3. If your web host fails, you can update your domain name to point to the IP address of this backup, and Siteavail will host your website directly from the backup.

Online Backup Examples

Burger King Newsroom
Burger King Newsroom
Snapshot May 7, 2024

iPR Software
iPR Software
Snapshot March 29, 2024

Snapshot April 29, 2024

Keep your website resilient, recoverable, and reliably online with Siteavail!

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